Far away from the city.

     After six weeks of travelling we needed to slow down and take a short brake. We’ve found a perfect place to enjoy this. It was a small town surrounded by high mountains.

     It was El Chalten. It has one main street, just a few hotels but many hostels and places for camping. Many home-breweries, pubs and small restaurants invite you to taste their freshly prepared food and drinks. We recommend the La Waffleria where they serve the most delicious waffles we’ve eaten so far!

     Hidden in the valley surrounded by Patagonian Andes with a perfect view on the famous Fitz Roy, El Chalten calls itself the capital of trekking in Argentina. So if you’re fond of this way of spending your free time this is definitely a place to go! But if you’re not so much into finding new trails every day (like myself) or you simply need a brake (like we both did) you can just sit outside on a sunny day enjoying the view, a good book or a local beer.

     You can feel a unique atmosphere of this town when wondering around its small streets. The surrounding natural scenery is, of course, the key reason for it, but also the people you meet there add a lot to it. You’ll meet trekkers, rock-climbers, mountaineers from South America and many ohters from around the world. You’ll hear stories about the travels they’ve made or hikes they've done. All happening in a kind of slow-motion. This was my impression at least.

      We’ve spent three days in El Chalten doing nothing slowly. Our agenda consisted of sleeping-in, enjoying good meals, reading the guidebooks, updating our blog and talking with people we’ve met. The only hiking trail we discovered together was a very easy 30 min walk to the Mirador de los Condores (the Condor viepoint). The other one (a five-hour and 12-km) Łukasz went on himself when I was enjoying my lazy time.