Our final destination and last pic with the motorcycles.

     It seems as if we have just started our first ever adventure on motorcycles. Yet, six weeks later and 4200 km further we arrive today to our final destination in New Zealand. When I look back at what we have accomplished I must say that I’m really proud of ourselves.

     As I mentioned in one of the previous posts we are true greenhorns as far as riding a motorcycle is concerned. We’ve only passed the driving license a few weeks before leaving Poland for this one-year-round-the-world trip and all experience we’ve had was 30 hours of riding on the streets of Warsaw. Almost two months later we have our first riding tour completed, few thousands kilometers behind us and the record of reaching a “super-speed” of 90km/h.

     We’ve ridden through both islands of New Zealand and we can easily recommend this kind of trip to all fans of two wheels with an engine. Actually, I cannot imagine a better country to visit this way. The roads are in a very good shape, there is almost no traffic outside the biggest cities and the nature is absolutely mesmerizing! More advanced riders will find challenging winding routes with sharp bends, steep hills and of course hundreds of kilometers of gravel roads if desired. We took it easy and rode only on paved ones, but we still enjoyed the adventure.

     Moreover, I felt that during those six weeks on the road we’ve joined the motorcyclists’ community. Everyone we passed on the way greeted us with the left hand (for those who don’t know the right one always stays on the handle where the accelerator and the brakes are). People who we’ve met while stopping to have a break asked about our ride, offered their help or even invited us over to stay at their place if it was on our route. We felt really good with such a friendly approach to motorcyclists showed by Kiwis.

     In the end we said goodbye to our two Suzuki GN 250 in Christchurch where we sold them to other fans of motorcycle adventures. I felt both happy and sad. Happy because we made it through without any accident and because I’ve enjoyed the freedom motorcycles give in travelling. And a bit said because it was already over. Luckily it’s just some part of this trip that is over and we still have more than half a year to travel around the world.

     Below you’ll find pictures from a variety of places we’ve seen in New Zealand. As you can see it’s absolutely beautiful and very diversified. Enjoy! We have!